The Last Supper…

…well, not quite.

The idea was that I would go for a final, blow-out meal and then the diet would start the following day with bells on.   This was the idea.

The blow-out meal bit worked a treat!  My friends Uncle Ji (@vhatyoutalking), Angharad (@anglikebang) and I strolled around the corner from my office to have dinner at The English Pig where @JohnnieWannabe and @chef_tom_kneale treated us like princesses (sorry Uncle Ji – you are, of course, a PRINCE).  We were expecting a couple of piggy courses and a bottle of decent, but nothing out of the ordinary, wine to be honest.  What we got was this:

No, we were none-the-wiser either.  I, for one, was VERY excited as I love a tasting menu.  Johnnie brought us a bottle of Laurent Perrier to start us off and then this was delivered.

This is the Columbian Marching Powder.  I still have no idea what it actually was, but they tasted of thyme and rosemary and sesame and…something else.  Jesus wept.  It’s a good job I’m not a food blogger, I’m crap at this.

Bread and butter, except that weird whipped stuff at the back that came out of a canister?  That’d be the bread.  Those balls?  Butter.  This was insanely rich and we could barely manage one each.

Proper food now (sorry gents).  Pigs head terrine aka Cheeky Monkey.  It was really good.  I love pig fat and this pig fat was all lovely and buttery.  Mmmmmmmmmm.

This was probably my favourite thing that we had.  It certainly isn’t a tuna and sweetcorn butty.  It is, however, bass with a sweetcorn puree and a crab thing.  The crab thing was good.  The bass was delicious.  Also, why the hell haven’t I ever thought to put sweetcorn with fish before?  It totally works.

PIG!  Oink oink oink!  Johnnie presented this to us as being “a bit like KFC”.  WIN.  I freaking love KFC.  Actually maybe this was my favourite dish.  It was pork belly in a lovely crispy coating, fondant potato, there’s a little lardon thing going on at the bottom there that was also delicious.  I’m very happy that this was on my Last Supper menu.

Chocolate soil with chocolate mousse and some red stuff.  Nice enough, but I was waiting for…

Rice f***ing pudding! (I promised myself I wouldn’t swear on this blog, I’m such a potty-mouth in real life…this is potentially my Everest.)  This pudding was also a bit like Everest.  Stodgy, rich…total school dinners, but in a good way.  Uncle Ji didn’t get near to finishing “his”.  I polished off the lot.

There was cheese too but we forgot to take a picture of that – too busy scoffing.

After sitting and chatting to the extremely generous Johnnie and Tom for a while, Uncle Ji and I legged it over to Galvin at Windows (check out the view!) for margaritas and martinis.

And then I rolled home, placated a very p***ed off kitten (she hadn’t really seen me for 3 days and this displeases her greatly) and fell asleep with good intentions of the diet starting the next day…

…which is where it went wrong…I have no food in the house.  I am totally disorganised, I am out most of this week and the weekend…ARGH.  This is not conducive to breakfasts of fruit and home-made lunches.  Total disaster.

So the plan is this: the diet starts again on Friday.  This was always going to be my weigh in day, so it actually works a treat.  On Thursday evening I’m going to get out my granny wheelie-trolley and head to the shops.  Any food ideas for the upcoming week will be gratefully received!

P.S. Tom and Johnnie – thanks again for an amazing evening.  We loved it.

P.P.S. Photos were all taken by @anglikebang except the chocolate soil and the Galvin at Windows view, which were taken by @vhatyoutalking.  They have better phones than I have.  If anyone would like to give me an iPhone 4, I wouldn’t chuck it in their face.  I NEED FLASH.