A truly abysmal week

There is little to say this week. I’ve not stuck to the plan at all. Life has taken over a little bit and I have found that I’m able to move house a little bit sooner than I’d anticipated, so this week has been taken over with 3 flat valuations (insane – the last 9 and a half years have treated me well) and handyman visits.

I’ve eaten carbs. Pitta breads and eggs. Bagels and cashew nut butter. Takeaways: salt and pepper squid and four cheese pizza. I’ve really screwed up. I’ve exercised once all week and it nearly broke me. In the midst of this, I came to the end of cycle 1. It was fairly anticlimactic to be honest. 2 inches off each of my hips and my waist. I measured my “chest” wrong at the start of cycle 1 and measured my bra strap rather than my actual boobs (error – 1/2 an inch off the former, clearly tons off the latter – hurrah – except I missed it!), nothing at all off my arms (HOW?? My coat didn’t fit my arms before and now it does – even with a woolly pully on!) and an inch off each thigh. 

So those are the measurable measurements. Disappointing. But the photos tell a rather different story. I’m still appalling from the side – seriously gross. But my front and my back are definitely slimmer. I have ankles! And calves! I wish I was brave enough to show the 4-week comparison photos but many of you know me, so I’m not, so I won’t. And I’m sitting here wobbling my flabby belly for fun. Blublublublublub. 
Cycle 2 beckons. I need to tell myself that I don’t need bagels and pittas and pasta and get back on it. Cycle 2 looks a bit scary. Exercise increases from 25 to 45 minutes a session, 4 times a week – HIIT, weights, HIIT, weights. I love a bit of weight training and I’ve just bought these bad boys: 

I AM NAILS!!!!! Ralphie doesn’t dig them, they’re clunky and noisy. She’s rather fond of the receptacle though:  

Anyway, this week was valuation, valuation, handyman, exhaustion, cheering up a friend, hangover, Sunday roast. Copious room for improvement. Tomorrow I see a friend from home home, so cycle 2 starts on Tuesday. Carbs increase – you have them at all three meals on an exercise day. I made this rather delicious looking granola this morning:


Things are simpler – it’s a mix and match style thing, choosing one thing from each of a number of genres (protein, veg, fat etc), so there’s a flexibility now, which I hope will be good. 4 weeks of prescribed recipes was driving me pretty insane. I’ll definitely be haranguing my sister (who is 1/2 a week ahead of me, and a recipe writer by trade) for ideas. 

Aha. I remembered an app where you can edit out stuff. Here’s my legs. 4 weeks difference: 
There’s a difference, right? More shapely? Or am I imagining it? 

Bed time. I think it’s clear I shan’t be thin by the end of the year, but maybe that’s ok. Maybe it’s ok that it’s slower with habits developing and then maybe it will stick. Maybe. All I can think about right now is little houses, period features, roll-top baths. Bliss. 

6 thoughts on “A truly abysmal week

  1. I wrote a long long reply and lost it!
    But, LEGS!!! Look so different.

    Did first training day on C2 yesterday. First exercise in a week. Biceps/triceps. I reckon you can do the “skull krusher” exercise e dumbbells (although I bought a dumbbell/barbell set in the end).

    • Booooooooooo – hate it when that happens. Wish I had a barbell, but there’s just zero room for it. Maybe in the new place! I’m going to start properly tomorrow…dreading it a bit.

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