Quandaries and more eggs than you can shake a stick at

This week has been a bit of an unmitigated disaster.  I planned all my meals and then life and absent-mindedness took over. 

On Monday I forgot to take chicken out of the freezer. I have now remembered that I have a microwave, but I have also remembered that the defrost setting on it doesn’t exactly work. Half remains stubbornly  frozen, the other half cooks itself until it is hotter than the sun. I’ve had salmonella. I got it in Greece many moons ago in a place where the hotel’s cats spent their days sitting on and licking the grills on the barbecue. It’s not the most fun I’ve ever had – sure, the weight loss is pretty spectacular – but I’d rather not willingly poison myself. 

Prawns defrost quite easily. The only problem is that the only prawn recipe on this plan is absolutely revolting. Cue panic! Now, I like cooking and I think I’m fairly good at it, but I am not one of those people who opens a fridge and conjures up something magical from the odds and ends contained within. I would fail horribly at an invention test – you’d get stir fry or spaghetti carbonara and you would bloody well like it. 

So with the prawns, I turned to my trusty favourite recipe – the satay. I thought it would be rank, but happily I was wrong. Delicious! 

And that is pretty much where the good ends this week. Actually, I lie. Tuesday wasn’t so bad either, except I sacked off what should have been the first HIIT of the week as I just couldn’t be arsed. Dinner was a bit weird: 5-spice chicken with the courgetti stuff and, for some unknown reason, I added some sweet chilli sauce to the courgetti. It wasn’t right, but it wasn’t a total disaster. 

Wednesday. Home late. HIIT. Anger, rage, I really wasn’t feeling it. Nor was I feeling any of the carb recipes – I really don’t like them much, and it’s safe to say I’m getting pretty bored of everything I’ve eaten. BORED. So I improvised. Sweet potato, eggs, ham, a mountain of broccoli…it was so dull and I learnt that eggs should never, ever be paired with sweet potato – I may as well have smothered them in jam. 

Thursday and Friday I was at work until late. Too late. Once again, I had failed to defrost any chicken, I had no time, no energy or smiles, no joy. I ate eggs and bagels and couldn’t even enjoy the illicit carbs.  

Saturday was a weird day. I spent most of the day feeling totally wired after 3 strong coffees on an empty stomach. I had my flat valued so was in a state of nervous anxiety/excitement: Am I really going to move? But Fran doesn’t like change! Maybe just stay here forever then?? But I could get a HOUSE! But who would buy this tiny flat? etc etc ad infinitum. 

I forced myself to eat in the evening and made something new – this is called “lean muscle mince”.  It is minced beef (which I was hoping would make a nice change from the bloody chicken), onions, mushrooms, smoked paprika and this weird BBQ sauce that has no calories or fat or anything that’s nice in it:

It was absolutely revolting. I ate the egg. I ate the vegetables. I struggled through just under half the mince and admitted defeat. That BBQ sauce is so sweet and so synthetic, and it is now being washed out to sea, via my kitchen sink. 

You may have noticed that this week hasn’t exactly been exercise heavy. Sunday morning was my second and final HIIT session of the week. I don’t think I even care enough to feel guilty, I’m SO EXHAUSTED. On the plus side, I stepped it up a level and did 15 rounds instead of 12 for the first time, so that’s a small achievement. And, actually, despite it being somewhat disappointing and lacking in exercise and adherence to the diet plan, I’ve actually lost 3.5lbs this week, so I can’t really complain. 
I’m approaching the end of cycle 1. Day 30 is on Wednesday, after which I’m supposed to submit my measurements (weight, tape-measure all over) and my 4 week photos. They then send you cycle 2 around 3-5 days later. So here’s my quandary: do I (a) tack on an extra week to make up for the poor exercise and diet performance this week? or (b) carry on as planned and submit my results on Wednesday on the basis that it’ll almost be like adding nearly a week on anyway if I have to wait for the next cycle?  

Another quandary and, frankly, a far more critical one:

That’s me on the left. I’m blonde-ish. That’s also me on the right, but digitally enhanced. Shall I go brunette???? 

On that note, I’m off to the cinema to see Spectre. 

2 thoughts on “Quandaries and more eggs than you can shake a stick at

  1. Some Things:
    – I LOVE sweet things with eggs – sweet potato, sweet chilli sauce, chutney, whatever 🙂
    – I have the sugar free marshmallow of your BBQ sauce – it is truly horrendous. Sugar free maple syrup, on the other hand, is reasonably palatable, though not often actually required.
    – Well done on the week – given that it’s all working, it doesn’t seem remotely disastrous from here. And I wouldn’t bother tacking on extra weeks – there doesn’t seem much point – you’re doing fine. And I can’t help thinking that it would be confusing!

    • Yes, it’s safe to say that I shan’t be trying any of their other sauces. So, so horrible. You make a good point re sweet with eggs – how do I like the duck and waffle with the maple syrup? Maybe I don’t put sweet on the egg. Anyway. I think you’re right. Onwards to cycle 2!!

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