Week 19

I have a bad habit that kicks in when I’ve had a good week and lost quite a bit of weight.  Instead of capitalising on it and pushing on through, I see it as an opportunity to have a bit of a lapse which is what I did on Friday and Saturday following my 5lb loss last week.  Luckily I managed to pull it back by behaving myself pretty well for the rest of the week, but it still puzzles me why I do it.

My excuse for misbehaving on Friday was partly down to the fact that I would have the rest of the week to make up for it and partly down to having no food in the flat – not that that couldn’t have been rectified by a quick trip to the supermarket.  But no, I decided to get takeaway instead.  I was better than normal though; I avoided salt and pepper squid (it nearly killed me) and went for a small portion of singapore noodles, grilled dumplings and prawn crackers.  As it turned out, I didn’t like it much and didn’t finish either the noodles or the prawn crackers.  Wasted opportunity.


On Saturday, I met Shed at Hyde Park and went to the Big IF rally.  It was actually a brilliant day – a gentle stroll through the park with little cups of ice-cream and then sitting in the sunshine listening to some pretty amazing people talk about what needs to be done to end world hunger.  The best bit, though, was this little dude:


Big IF

We left Hyde Park and went to meet a friend of Shed’s for dinner at Leon.  I haven’t been to Leon in ages and very rarely have I been in the evening.  Their evening menu consists of everything they do during the daytime but put into proper dishes rather than cardboard boxes.  We ordered most of the things on the menu (we had a 40% off voucher) and it was actually pretty delicious.  The chilli chicken and the mackerel salad were really good and the baked fries were incredibly moreish.


While there, we bumped into Danny of Food Urchin and his lovely wife Holly and proceeded to get quite merry, which resulted in this absolute gem.  Watch it.  It’s very, very funny.

I was hungover on Sunday and desperately wanted to eat the world.  God knows how, but I managed to stop myself.  Instead, I made spaghettini (you feel like you are getting so much more pasta for your points which is essential – pasta is so pointy) with prawns, lemon and samphire – 20 points in total which is pretty high, but it tasted good.


On Monday I picked up some sea bass and made fish parcels – so much food for only 12 points.


On Tuesday I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and in need of comfort so I made n’duja pasta bake.  Because pasta is irritatingly high in points, I only used 75g and added a chicken breast to bulk it out.  Ordinarily, I would baulk at pasta with chicken (tantamount to putting prawns on a pizza – WRONG) but it worked.  What didn’t work was using reduced fat mozzarella – it melted into nothing and was a complete waste of time.  If I was doing it again, I’d probably just heat it through on the hob in the hope that the mozzarella would go stringy rather than disappear completely.  Or I’d leave the cheese out altogether.  This came to 19 points – it would have been 15 without the mozzarella.

nduja pasta

On Wednesday I popped over to see my friends and their brand spanking new baby.  I took them dinner – chicken and tarragon casserole from the freezer which we had with rice and extra vegetables.  Tom did a beautiful job on the presentation but I forgot to take a photo so here’s what it looked like the first time I made it. The casserole is 12 points and is worth every single one of them.

Filling The Freezer

On Thursday I had some Very Good News and celebrated with Pilpel for lunch and champagne and the ballet in the evening.  I didn’t eat until 11:30pm which, with hindsigt, was too late.


I only lost 0.5lb this week which I’m a bit disappointed with but isn’t terribly surprising – I really don’t think eating so late last night will have helped.  I’m also feeling extremely fed up as I’ve just found out that my Weight Watchers meeting has been cancelled, so I will have to go to a different one that is further away and on a Thursday, which isn’t nearly as convenient.  I really wish that I could trust myself to diet properly if I weighed myself, but this blog is evidence that that just doesn’t work.  Perhaps I should let my colleagues weigh me on a Friday…but I don’t think I could bear for them to know just how heavy I am.  Decisions, decisions…

2 thoughts on “Week 19

  1. I guess it’s all about motivation. A works “Fat Club” was the motivation for me to lose weight because there was literally no escape (without resigning!). And I’ll bet they already have a fair idea what you weigh anyway. I’ve put on some weight recently, so back on a calorie-controlled regime for a bit. Amazing how much easier it is in the summer when I don’t crave comfort foods so much :))

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