Week 14

This week was a bit naughty as I took most of the week off work and my mum came to stay because I had a bit of a medically thing go on and I fancied a bit of moral support.  I’ve been rubbish at taking photos this week so this post is rather word-heavy.

My mum came to stay on Tuesday when I was still on tippety-top form so I made her the green chilli poussin which featured a couple of weeks ago.  Really delicious – I love poussins.  I love how tasty and nibbly they are.  I need more of these in my life.

On Wednesday I was feeling a bit pants after the medically thing but made us the Asian sea bream, also from a couple of weeks ago.  I screwed it up royally by over-salting everything – it was nearly inedible although my mum was very kind about it and forced herself to eat it anyway.  I downed tools at this point and my mum did most of the rest of the cooking.  She made her amazing sausages in cider sauce, which is one of my favourite things ever.  She also made this lovely tricolore salad which was one of the best things I ate this week.


On Friday we had a busy day.  First we visited a new local cafe called Chinwag on Lewisham Way in New Cross.  It’s a nice, quirky cafe with lovely staff.  Our breakfast was good – I had a decent sausage sandwich which cost only £3 and was great value.  The food and coffee is certainly better down the road at The London Particular, but this place has a bit more heart and the service was definitely better.  We then pottered over to Greenwich and spent a couple of hours at the Cutty Sark (which is brilliant, by the way – GO.)  Greenwich is a bit light on good places to eat so we went into the market where there were a couple of guys making amazing wraps filled with lamb, halloumi, chopped salad and hummus.  We took them into the Naval College gardens and enjoyed them in the sun.  Bliss.

lamb wrap

On Friday evening we suffered the hell that was B&Q and were so knackered that we debated going to the Old Kent Road MacDonalds because it was easy.  Sense prevailed and we hopped on the bus to Thailand in New Cross.  I love it there – they do two courses and a glass of wine for £12 and it’s just a nice place to go.  Good food, lovely waitresses and very close to home.

We went to Brockley Market on Saturday as reward for painting the bathroom.  We shared a pork schnitzel sandwich from @fleischmob which we followed with an awesome buttermilk fried chicken roll with hot korean sauce from @SpitandRoast.  We bought some lamb neck from the Jacob’s Ladder stall which my mum turned into her lamb casserole that evening.

On Sunday my sister and her family came to visit and we went for dim sum at Hong Kong City on New Cross Road.  I’ve lived in the area for nearly 7 years and this was only my second visit to Hong Kong City.  We completely over-ordered and stuffed our faces with steamed dumplings, brilliant noodles, turnip paste, barbecue pork buns and pretty much EVERYTHING on the menu.  My nephew ate his own weight in prawn crackers which was a remarkable sight to behold.

Monday.  We’d been waiting for it all week and finally it arrived…The Clove Club.  I’d loved it so much when I went the first time and I really wanted to go with my mum.


I think I slightly preferred the food that I had last time I went to The Clove Club, but it was still bloody great.  Puddings are not my favourite thing – I often just won’t bother with one – but the puddings here are great and were my favourite courses this time round.

clove club

And that was Week 14.  So much food, so much eating out, so much loveliness.  I was expecting a big gain when I stepped on the scales this morning, but I have stayed the same weight as I was last week.  I’m starting to wonder whether my scales are broken…

5 thoughts on “Week 14

  1. Your scales are moody basturts. I so want to go back to the Clove Club. So delicious and pretty.

    Sounds like a lovely week, all things considered x

    • Yeah…so I want to go back to the Clove Club too. There was a table next to us and they were getting about 84 courses – I was soooooooooooooooo jealous. I missed the rib of beef this time though – good god, that was amazing. xx

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