Weekly Blog #7

This week has been a strange one.  It started with some news that I could have done without which plunged me into a slightly dark place.  I continued to feel generally under the weather and very lethargic which was bad timing as it was a pretty demanding week.
On Tuesday I made a quick meal of smoked paprika squid with orzo, chilli and garlic, once my Ocado delivery arrived.  I used the wrong smoked paprika – hot rather than regular – so this totally blew my head off, and I’m no wuss when it comes to heat.
On Wednesday I made another quick meal because I was due to have my second pilates session with my neighbour – I was delighted when she postponed because I was Too Tired.  In honour of the new Pope, I had spaghettini with broccoli, anchovies, chilli and garlic.
Thursday was rubbish.  I had a work thing which went on until late so I wasn’t able to eat until I got home when I just had scrambled eggs in a pitta bread.
On Friday I went to the ballet at the Royal Opera House so we popped around the corner to Polpo for a few plates including fritto misto, meatball piadina smash (meatballs, tomato sauce and cheese in a tortilla served with a pretty delicious coleslaw), cauliflower and fontina gratin and this gorgeous pizzette which was topped with goats’ cheese, crispy kale and pine nuts.

On Saturday I was feeling tired and lazy so simply cooked a steak and made orzo with chilli and garlic again.  Super fast and tasty.

Ocado came again on Sunday (I’d managed to smash a kilner jar of flour all over my kitchen and it turned out that Ocado had kilner jars on special offer – win!) and brought me a chicken which I had with broccoli and a jacket potato.  I didn’t quite manage to throw away all of the skin.

On Monday my evening plans unexpectedly fell through so I went home and made the ultimate comfort food – a chicken, mushroom and tarragon pie.  No, not terribly diet but not too bad either and I only ate half of it which is definitely progress. 


This has been another week where I didn’t really care that much and I didn’t count my points at all.  I just can’t stop eating nutella which is SO STUPID.  Somehow I’ve managed to stay exactly the same weight as I was last week, so in total I’ve lost 10lbs which works out as 1lb per week.  It’s OK but it’s not great.  I think that what has bedded in is a general attitude towards things like oil/butter – I just don’t use anything like as much as I would have done before.  My portions are smaller.  There have been definite mental shifts which seem to be making a difference even when I’m not being very good and that can only be a good thing…it makes me hopeful that when I do finally lose all of the weight, then it may be possible to maintain that loss.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Blog #7

  1. Oh, checked back to see how it's going – all ok? You've been quiet! My suggestion for the Nutella dilemma: maybe put it in the bin πŸ™‚ Keep blogging, it's good to see your continued progress.

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