Weekly Blog #1

I decided, in the depths of my misery last week (I’d put on 3lbs), that if I am to have any chance of losing weight, I need to be accountable to someone or something.  Yes, I know that I should be doing this for myself – and I am – but it turns out that I’m very good at cheating on myself.  I’ve become very good at turning a blind eye to my bad behaviour and it just leads to greater destruction.  I need to ‘fess up when I’ve done something bad so that I register the fact that I am ultimately the only one that can make me better.
Going forward, I’ll be doing a round-up every Tuesday, my weigh in day, of the preceding week – a summary of the things that I ate, what I did well and should be repeated and what I didn’t do so well at. 
Week 1 (29 January to 4 February)
This week I have eaten bibimbap (twice!  Once with champagne with @ShedLikesFood who kindly brought with her some fabulous Ginger Pig fillet steak, and again the following day, just because it was so damn tasty.)  At 17 points it’s not the lowest point thing that I could eat but it’s BIG (which always makes me happy), spicy, tasty, sizzlingly hot, filling and takes ages to eat.  Brilliant stuff.

Next up was Jamie Oliver’s butternut squash, prosciutto and pecorino salad which I make with significantly less fat and cheese than he does.  This salad is a freaking lifesaver.  I’d wanted to go under my points on a number of days this week following the 3lb increase last week and because I was going out for dinner for Shed’s birthday on Friday…this is certainly one way to do it.  The entire salad, which includes a whole packet of prosciutto and a large butternut squash, only counts as 11 points, and 4 of those are from olive oil.  Butternut squash is FREE.  Nil points.  I reiterate: LIFESAVER.

While I was roasting my squash, I made a peanut noodle salad (recipe below) for Friday’s lunch.  I was pretty excited about it and pretty sad the following day when I left it at home by mistake.  So sad that I stropped out completely and just didn’t bother eating at all.  I had it for lunch on Saturday instead and it was still really good, although I strongly recommend taking it out of the fridge a good couple of hours before you want to eat it to bring it up to room temperature.  Freezing cold noodles aren’t especially lovely.
I ate dim sum, duck and salt & pepper squid for Shed’s birthday.  Although a bit naughty, I had so many points left after not eating lunch that I think it was OK.  I also managed not to drink very much either which is both unusual and welcome.

I keep forgetting how great fish is on Weight Watchers because it’s so low in points.  I’ve really gone off fish over the last year or so and there are now several fishes that I find actively unpleasant: cooked salmon and trout, plaice, mussels and I’m starting to dislike oysters too.   I do still like cod loin though so I made this cod parcel which is ridiculously quick and easy to make and has the added benefit of generating virtually no washing up.  This photo is of it in its raw state as the cooked version was a mess.

Sunday I roasted a chicken, mainly because I need the leftovers for lunchy salady things.  It nearly killed me, but I managed to remove the skin and throw it in the bin without eating it. 

The bones were used to make an incredible chicken stock which would have been made into Monday night’s ramen-esque chicken noodle soup, but I went out for dinner with a friend instead (Silk Road in Camberwell – phenomenal) so I’m having them tonight.

And that was last week.  Not too bad – a couple of lows, namely Friday night’s meal out and Saturday evening when I was SO HUNGRY (fish isn’t filling) that I ate 3 bowls of crunchy nut cornflakes (I wanted to eat quavers and crumpets with nutella – CN cornflakes were my compromise as they’re not actually very high in points) but generally, I think it was a decent week.  I was a bit worried that eating out on Monday night would affect my weigh in, but I’ve managed to lose 2 pounds this week, so I’m happy. 

Peanut butter noodle salad (serves 1)
1 nest of medium egg noodles, cooked and rinsed in cold water
1 small carrot, peeled and cut into small, thin batons
About 5cm hunk of cucumber, cut into small thin batons
4 radishes, chopped into 8ths
6 sugar snap peas, sliced
75-100g protein – I used some fillet steak that was leftover from the bibimbap
Some sliced red chilli
Handful of chopped coriander
Sesame seeds to serve
For the sauce:
15g of peanut butter
2 teaspoons of dark soy sauce
Dash of sesame oil
Juice of 1/2 of a lime
Combine the sauce ingredients, adding a bit of water if it seems too thick.  Combine with the dry ingredients and smugly chuck it into a tupperware box, sprinkling over a few sesame seeds.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Blog #1

  1. The bibimbap is totally BADASS. Buying those bowls from Nic was one of the best things I've ever done! Bibimbap is likely to feature regularly in my diet now as it's easy…I just need to find some trivets to put the bowls on as they burnt my placemats! Good job I didn't like them anyway.

  2. MY BIRTHDAY WAS NOT A LOW POINT but I get what you mean. Mmmmmm duck.Dude, i've discovered these totes amaze stock cubes in the Vietnamese shop which are ace at making noodle soup taste good. No fucking clue what's in 'em, but do you want me to bring you some next week? They make the whole thing red and tasty and will at least give you some noodle soup variety.How is squash FREE? Why isn't there a sleb diet consisting only of things made of squash? Well done on losing 2lbs Franny, that's a whole bag of sugar. Carry a bag of sugar around with you for an hour, then put it down. That's what you lost!

  3. Amazing work this week – you are very good at this :)Noodle whatnot looks delicious – I am a bit obsessed with radishes atm.And yay for squash – I think we all know my feelings about that.I was going to say something like 'I should do some of that too', until I remembered that I've recently rediscovered that I don't really care how fat or otherwise I am. It's rather liberating – makes me feel a whole lot more like me, somehow.The fish thing is INTERESTING. I am increasingly fascinated by how and why tastes change.I mean, it seems obvious (though maybe it shouldn't) that you can train yourself to like something that you didn't like before just by increasing exposure/familiarity, but the other way round is a lot weirder.It's happened to me occasionally in the past – things that I was ok with, or even liked, before have become intolerable to the point that I can't really believe that the flavour hasn't actually changed.I think it must be a response to a real physiological thing – it's almost like there's something in my blood (or similar) that has made things taste different…

  4. Yes, your birthday was a looooooooooooooooooow point…nah, you know what I mean. It was a naughty day. FUN though and duck duck duck duck duck. I love me some duck pancakes!YES PLEASE to the stock cube things – do you use stock AND the cubes? You'll have to tell me about them in more detail. Variety is KEY when you're dieting, I think. That and eating things that have lots of flavour. I have no idea why squash is free! It is rather different when roasted to sweet potatoes and parsnips – I think it's basically not a starchy veg…a bit more carrot-esque than potato-esque. It's amazing though, I ate loads of it when I lost all my weight before. It's brilliant roasted as you can fool yourself into thinking that it's sweet potatoes or something. I don't really like it done any other way though.

  5. It's great that you've got to the point of not minding about your weight – that's got to be the healthiest possible situation to be in. I obsess about mine – I have a little bastard sitting on my shoulder 24 hours a day telling me I'm fat. It's always, always in the back of my mind and I'm pretty sure that it's ruining my life…which is why I have to try to beat it into submission!There have been some things in life that I've started to like that I hadn't before: olives, capers…and I put those down to being able to taste things more when I gave up smoking – that or growing up. Very few things that I've stopped liking but fish is one of them. I'd almost always order fish in a restaurant whereas I'm far more likely to choose meat now. I've turned into a proper carnivore. Some fish I still love: smoked and normal mackerel, prawns, cod, actually any smoked fish, sea bream I love. But I'm underwhelmed by quite a few now. Even scallops leave me a bit cold now. It's sad! I could probably eat any fish – bar cooked salmon – but it just wouldn't be my first choice any more.

  6. Is weird.Though since you are under no obligation to eat fish, I guess it doesn't really matter…And non fish eating is pleasingly economical.The growing up thing is also interesting – I keep reading articles recently quoting the fact that children have far far more tastbuds than adults, which is often why they are more offended by strong or bitter flavours – they experience them much more intensely – that's supposed to be why things like olives and capers (and beer) etc are such a common example of 'adult' food.When my blood sugar is low, sweet things taste incredibly sweet to me – to the point of being quite unpleasant.I guess there are probably similar compounds in fish (or whatever) that taste more or less extreme depending on your own existing levels of them.Maybe it's just that fish is crapper than it used to be, too? Perhaps lame scallops are nothingy, but awesome ones would still be awesome?

  7. Oh, that noodle salad is looking good and is now on my list to make thank you. Well done on the 2lb, top work. Persevere, even when there's bad weeks you're heading in the right direction.

  8. Well done Fran – on the 2lb loss, discipline but mostly for being so refreshingly honest it's really brave and I couldn't be so open publically. Did you know waitrose do frozen butternut squash? It's fanbloodytastic it is peeled and cut into cubes and you throw it straight in the oven or into soups, curries etc

  9. Is it brave? I guess I figure that nobody really reads this and, even if they do, they don't know me. The latter is patently wrong!! I didn't know that Waitrose did frozen BNS – I'd get some if my freezer wasn't so woefully small. It's actually easier to have the real thing in my vegetable baskets as they last FOREVER. They're a brilliant thing although I have to confess that I only really like them roasted. They're not nice mashed AT ALL. And I've finally admitted to myself that I just don't really like soup unless it's Asian stylee i.e. a broth based one. Shame as it's brilliant on a diet.

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