1st weigh in…

…bizarrely I lost 1.5lbs.  I don’t really understand how this happened as I haven’t been very good this week at all.  But HELL!  I’m not complaining.

I’m going into next week with more of a plan and the comfort of being at home a bit more than I have been.  I’ve planned a rough menu for the week thanks to help from some lovely people on twitter who gave me some great ideas:

Baked sweet potato falafels with tzatziki
Chicken with sumac, za’atar and lemon
Aubergine, coconut and lime dhal (from @hollowlegs blog)
Chargrilled squid with lots and lots of chilli and garlic
Butternut squash and sage risotto
Steak (from the incredible East London Steak Company – meganomz) with sweet potato wedges.

In amongst all that cooking, I have to fit in a speedboat ride down the Thames with my niece and nephews (zooooooooooooom!), a trip to the Riding House Cafe (ARGH!) and some sleep.  And I must pay the kitten some attention.  She woke me up by sobbing at my bedroom door at 6.20 this morning.  It’s impressive how she knows to do it exactly when I’m mortally hungover.  EVIL GENIUS.

6 thoughts on “1st weigh in…

  1. Woo, well done! I often think that just being aware of how much you're eating helps reign in otherwise huge portions, guide you to better choices etc – which could explain the weight loss. Or could be water retention!! I am currently bikini body + 5lbs; as I'm off on holiday tmrw I expect to return as bikini body + 1 stone. Good to have a holiday target, I feel.

  2. Ha! I'm never going to aim for a bikini body – never, ever going to happen! I'm OK with that though. Have a brilliant holiday and enjoy stupid amounts of food!

  3. Well done sweetpea! Triumph is triumph whether utterly deserved or not (and naughty foods aside, you deserve a lorra triumph).Post us the recipes, yeh? Having eaten mostly cake, gin, scones, black pudding and Turkish takeaway this weekend there shall be no weighing. Plus, like, I have no scales. Run time tomorrow praps xxxxx

  4. Nice result! If those are the Leon falafels, they are lovely. You can cut down by making the tzatziki half full 10% and half 0% Greek yoghurt, the difference isn't noticeable and you can use the remaining yoghurts mixed together with fruit & honey for breakfasts. I'll try that Hollowlegs recipe, thanks for the tip 🙂

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