Weigh In: 19 August 2011

Current weight = Skinny + 3st 7lbs.

Clearly I’m not going to tell you how much I actually weigh – I’m not a complete masochist – so I’m doing it like this: I’m 3st 7lbs heavier than my goal weight, therefore I’m Skinny + 3st 7lbs (to be honest, I may be happy at Skinny + 7lbs, but we’ll see what I look like when I get there.)

This sounds like a lot (actually it is a lot) but strangely it isn’t quite as bad as I thought it was going to be – I was expecting to be Skinny + 4st.  In theory, if I lose 2lbs a week, I could be at my goal weight in less than 6 months.  One thing is for sure, I am not spending another summer being FatFran.  I want to wear skirts!  T-shirts with short sleeves!  PRETTY THINGS!!

29 thoughts on “Weigh In: 19 August 2011

  1. I am skinny plus 3 stone. Over the years I've seen my weight creep up, my dress size get bigger, and I'm not happy about it.You've inspired me to do something about it. Thank you x

  2. Ooh – can I do this too?Today, I am not-overweight + 1st 2lbs (and presumed-happy place + 2st 2lbs)…Not so bad, except that probably three months ago I was almost AT not-overweight.

  3. I could add pages for other people's Friday weigh-ins? Or could just keep the page and have something like:FatFran = Skinny + 3st 7lbsMiss Whiplash = Not-overweight + 1st 2lbsmeemalee = Whatever…Would that help people do you think?

  4. It's been so long since I was skinny that I'm not sure what that weight would be, but I could do it in ages. I'm 20 years + 3st 7lb, 25 + 1st 7lb or 30 + 7lb (all -ish). I guess the ultimate aim is to get to what I was when I was 20, before student life and beer kicked in, but if I can get back to 25 that would be a good start. Music was better then, too

  5. @Miss Whiplash – RIGHT, I'm doing it.@Jessica – good effort! How did you do it? (PLEASE don't say exercise!)@Paddy – I don't think ages work actually. At 21 I was over 5st lighter than I am now and I think that, at 33, I would look pretty horrible at that weight. I think we should expect to fill out a bit as we get older really. Paddy = Skinny + 2st, maybe?

  6. @FatFran Reduce my portion sizes and eat more regularly. I don't eat "bad" food – I just eat too much and I skip meals.Oh and a bit of brisk walking – have started taking stairs instead of lifts/escalators – that sort of thing.

  7. @meemalee – portion sizes are a BIG issue for me too. I like getting myself really, really hungry – painfully so – and then stuffing my face. It's actually a bit insane.@Shed – YAY! I LOVED shopping when I got thin last time. Sadly FatFran = Skinny won't coincide with FatFran = not broke, which is a bit of a bummer.

  8. I love this!I feel like we should be paying you some kind of subscription and you should be flogging us 'inspirational' magazines :-)I'm quite excited now – I don't think I've ever actually been not-overweight…

  9. @FatFran, yes fair point about age. Two stone would be a good target for me. Got a pedometer last week, which I wear on my belt, in the hope of increasing my exercise. The aim is to do 5 miles a day, or about 10,000 steps. My general wandering around is only about 2 miles a day (drive to work, the shame), so if I can get to 5 that would be significant extra exercise

  10. @Miss W – you don't look overweight now poppet. You can pay me in salt & pepper squid when I'm skinny.@Paddy – do you want to go on the list? YES! GO ON THE LIST! I need to walk more. I've GOT to start walking to and from London Bridge – that would be an hour a day in itself.

  11. @Fran – the last stone I just lost was two bouts of Weight Watchers. The stone and a bit before that was finishing university and living at home with my vaguely veggie mother – lots of veg, not much alcohol, bit of a boring lifestyle, really. I did – and still do – exercise, but don't think it's necessarily needed, it's never been a major factor in the weight loss. Changing diet is the best way. But running is great for my self-esteem, challenge and those endorphin tings. X

  12. @duckeggblueI would love to participate. I am perfect + 12lbs. Doesn't sound to difficult but believe me, this 12 lbs has been hangin' around for 3years! @duckeggblue

  13. @duckeggblue – you're going on the list. I totally understand what you're saying. The first stone or so drop off (fairly) easily – it's when you get closer to the goal that it becomes a real bloody struggle.

  14. I didn't look (that) fat even when I was was more than not-overweight + 5st…Think that might be part of the problem.I assume I must have super heavy feet. Or be denser than most people ;-)And I'll start practising the S&P squid at once!

  15. I'm skinny + 5 stone, which is terrifying especially when you consider that I've already managed to lose a stone in the space of ten weeks with Weight Watchers. I want to get to my goal before my wedding which is exactly a year away. I love the idea of this, and am looking forward to reading about your weight loss 'journey' (Christ, can't believe I just said that!) x

  16. @Paddy – fret not. Start tomorrow (or Monday, as I intend to.) You're on the weigh in page! @Miss Cay – SO impressed with the 1st you've already lost, good work. How are you finding Weight Watchers? 5 stone in a year is TOTALLY possible. Do you exercise? (I don't…)@Gail – I've added you to the page. I hope you don't mind, I've also converted your goal into stones and lbs because lbs alone confuse the bejesus out of me!@Shed – Pub conversations are totally the bestest. I. Am. A. Cello.

  17. I am pre-Milo + 10lb I have lost a stone since having Eden and am -4lb from post-Milo weight 🙂 it's taken me 3 weeks to lose 6lb (and I've just had half a bottle of wine & a curry to help me on my way hmmmmmm…..)You're an inspiration hun!!

  18. Don't think I have the frame to be skinny but I'm loving the concept of skinny plus! Got this suit that I bought 2 summers ago I waaaaant it to fit, cost me enough! Currently skinny + 13.9kg, quick bit of maths 2st 3lb I'm going to start today! I have to do cheesecake today though :/ long bike ride this avo I guess!

  19. @Caro – REALLY? You have the skinniest legs IN THE WORLD. You're on the page anyway lovely lady. x@Future Sailor – you are also on there. Those last pounds are a total bastard to get off but you'll do it. And you're irritatingly beautiful with, clearly, the most stunning children ever spawned. ALL GOOD x@Ferdie – how was the bike ride? You're on the list too! Let's get you into that suit! Suits are gooooooooooooood. HOT STUFF!x

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