I don’t like pudding

I KNOW.  I realise that this makes me weird.  And it’s not strictly true – occasionally I do like a proper pudding like a really oozy chocolate fondant or apple crumble and custard…but generally speaking, my teeth are not sweet.

However, I realise that other people DO like pudding.  Quite a lot in fact.  And on Sunday I have a friend coming for lunch so I have decided to make pudding for her which is pretty much a first, and I wanted to give it a trial run.  I am strongly of the school of thought that if you’re coming around to my flat for a big slap up meal, if you want pudding, you can darn well bring it (*awaits dozens of people battering down my door to come for dinner*)

On the basis that I’m going to roast the most humongous pork belly I’ve ever seen, I figured that a healthyish pudding will be in order, so I turned to Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals book and I just whipped up the “Berry ice cream”.

TRADE DESCRIPTIONS ALERT!  It’s blatantly frozen yoghurt.  You basically put plain yoghurt (250g), fresh mint (I like it, I used quite a bit) and runny honey (I used 2 tbsp) in a food processor and whizz it up.  Add 250g of frozen fruit and whizz.  And whizz.  Smoosh it down and whizz again.  And again.

Yeah, you get the picture, it takes a little bit of whizzing.  However, at the end, it looks like this!

Impressive huh?  I thought so too and I settled down to eat it in front of Celebrity Big Brother (yes, I do feel unclean)…and rapidly discovered it was DISGUSTING.  Not because it tastes horrible – it doesn’t, it tastes freaking awesome – but because those frozen fruits are about 84.7% pip.  I tried to persevere but it just made me sad, so I stumbled back to the kitchen, got out the sieve and some elbow grease and sieved it.  And now it looks like this:

Perfect, huh?  (Apologies for the poncey mint leaf – it was lying around and it amuses me.)  It’s soooooooooo tasty.  And healthy!

I still don’t really like pudding though.

7 thoughts on “I don’t like pudding

  1. HA! I'd forgotten about your pudding weirdness! I thought it was just round things…Seriously, this was incredibly delicious and took under 10 minutes to do, including the extra sieving step. Do maltesers freak you out?

  2. I love maltesers – they're mostly big enough to be ok, but, if there was just one and it was rolling, I'd probably be quite unhappy…Or if it wasn't mine.Other people's round things are always worse *retch*

  3. @Mel – The bit that I ate on the night turned into a bit of a smoothie, but I put the leftovers in the box into the freezer. You do need to take it out of the freezer a good 20+ minutes before you want to eat it because it goes totally solid.

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